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I'm Valdas NeuroVirtual - a digital 3d creator based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I have graduated from the Electronics and Informatics Faculty at university of applied sciences as well as Contemporary Sculpture Department of Vilnius Arts Academy. Also, I’ve been studying Fine Arts in Netherlands and now I work as a freelancer – 3d modeler/ digital sculptor mostly in 3d print field and sometimes doing various VR projects.

statement / philosophie

In the time of Pliny, Lithuanian tribes still being Neuri, were superstitious and famous for witchcraft. According to Scythians, Neuri turn into wolves one time per year, but not written why. Virtual - a term used by Henri Bergson, Gilles Deleuze and Manuel DeLanda to denote potentiality as being equally real to actuality, but in a different manner. • Modeling as ritual / Consciousness OBJ / Three dimensional narratives •


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The Moonstone state artefactThe Moonstone state artefact

3D - it's a pill that should need to be eaten3D - it's a pill that should need to be eaten

Second comingSecond coming


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Neuron ritual part II

One step out of many options to exist